Eight Secrets

1. Passion. Find the work you’re passionate about, and money will follow. Don’t expect it to be easy you may have to try a lot of jobs before you figure out what you love.

2. Work. Successful people work hard, but they love it. They’re workaholics, St. John says, because they have fun working.

3. Focus. Become single-minded in pursuit of your goal and develop the ability to ignore distractions.

4. Push. Don’t allow shyness or self-doubt to sabotage your goal. Find ways and other people to push you toward success.

5. Ideas. Anybody can come up with good ideas instead of thinking of them as creative, think of ideas as things to solve problems. Don’t forget to write them down.

6. Improve. Successful people constantly look for ways to improve. Strive to become the best at what you do. Focus on your strengths and practice, practice, practice.

7. Serve. Even if you find your passion and work hard, you wont succeed unless you provide something of value to people. Its not about charity, its about delivering a service or product others need or want.

8. Persist. Never give up, don’t expect quick results and think of the failures as detours along the road to success. Be prepared to make a lot of mistakes.

Eight Secrets

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