Mengenal Technology Specialist

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Apakah itu Technology Specialists ?

Role : Practitioner
Family: Engineering and Technology
Group: Information Technology Specialists

Technology Specialist adalah  keahlian teknis untuk pelaksanaan, pemantauan, atau pemeliharaan sistem IT.

Technology Specialist Responsibility

– Planning and Analysis
– Design
– Development and Implementation
– Maintenance
– Support

Spesialisasi ini biasanya berfokus pada jaringan komputer, database, atau fungsi sistem administrasi. Area-nya termasuk Network Analysis, System Administration, Security dan Information Assurance, IT audit, Database Administration, Web Administration dan masih banyak lagi.

Beberapa tingkatan Technology Specialist bisa di bagi sebagai berikut :

Technology Specialists I

Peran ini adalah untuk posisi entry level menerapkan keterampilan dasar di bidang Applications/Programming, Systems Engineering, Network Analysis, IT Analysis and Equipment. Membutuhkan pengetahuan atau pengalaman yang seimbang di lapangan.

  • Knows and applies fundamental concepts, practices, procedures and existing policies and guidelines in specialized area of information technology.
  • Tasks range from having some variation and difficulty to having moderate variation and difficulty.
  • Impact the quality and availability of service.
  • Affect the timely completion of projects and services.
  • Refers questions and problems to higher levels.
  • Entry level positions work under immediate supervision and with detailed instructions. Work is often checked for accuracy.
  • Equipment and Applications Specialist solves routine problems and the work is performed independently.


Technology Specialists II

Peran ini memiliki berbagai posisi analis untuk posisi tingkat senior di bidang  Applications Programming/Analysis, Network Analysis, IT Analysis dan posisi tingkat spesialis di System Engineering. Membutuhkan pengetahuan dan beberapa pengalaman substansial di lapangan.

Peran ini juga berisi dua jalur untuk tingkat Senior  Equipment and Applications and level expert .

Pertama adalah untuk posisi yang berfungsi sebagai Konsultan dan memberikan saran teknis untuk mengatasi masalah yang dihadapi.

Kedua adalah untuk posisi yang memiliki tanggung jawab untuk menginstruksikan, mengarahkan,dan mengawasi pekerjaan staf.

Membutuhkan pengetahuan dan pengalaman yang luas dan kedalaman pengalaman yang  signifikan.

  • Work ranges from moderately complex and varied to working on multiple, complex projects independently.
  • Background ranges from knowing and applying fundamental concepts, practices and procedures of particular function through possessing and applying a broad knowledge of principles, practices and procedures of particular function to the completion of difficult assignments.
  • Impacts the initiation of a project.
  • Affects the analysis of data and methodologies used.
  • Affects the reliability and utilization of systems and applications.
  • At the highest levels in this role provides guidance and training to less experienced staff.
  • At the highest level, refers only the most complex problems to higher level staff.


Technology Specialist III

Peran ini berisi  dua jalur untuk posisi Applications Programming/Analysis, Network Analysis, dan IT Analysis.
Jalur pertama adalah sebagai konsultan teknis dan yang kedua sebagai penanggung jawab untuk mengajar, mengarahkan, dan mengawasi pekerjaan staf.
Di level ini membutuhkan pengetahuan dan pengalaman yang luas dalam fungsi. Tingkat pengawasan juga membutuhkan pengalaman kepemimpinan dalam fungsi.Membutuhkan pengetahuan dan substansial dengan pengalaman yang luas di bidang System Engineering.
  • Tasks include a high level of technical variation and difficulty, performed and with deadlines and heavy workloads.
  • Possesses and applies a broad range of expertise of principles, practices and procedures of particular function to the completion of difficult and complex assignments.
  • May perform work in multiple functional areas.
  • The highest level positions in this role provide consultation and advice on major implementation ensuring services are not compromised and provide technical leadership on integration of various related systems.
  • May perform any of the following: participate in development of strategic planning activities; review and analyze data to predict future needs and recommend enhancements; prepare budgeting and cost analysis; develop technical standards and policies; plan work of others to meet project deadlines; set priorities based on user needs.
  • Ensures implementation efforts do not compromise systems or services.
  • May initiate projects and determine methodology.
  • Impacts the successful integration of a variety of systems, platforms, and architectures.
  • Provides technical leadership, and training to less experienced staff.
  • Refers only the most complex issues to higher levels.
  • May instruct, direct and monitor the work of project staff.
  • For the highest level positions in this role, work is assessed by projects progress and results.
  • May measure employees’ results and initiate personnel actions.


Technology Specialist IV

Peran ini adalah untuk posisi  tertinggi teknis di area khusus seperti Systems Engineering, Applications Analysis, Network Analysis, dan Operating Systems analysis, hingga  posisi supervisory level di Systems Engineering.

Posisi supervisor  mengkoordinasikan seluruh kegiatan unit dengan beberapa proyek untuk memenuhi tenggat waktu proyek dan anggaran. Mereka memerlukan pengetahuan dan pengalaman kepemimpinan secara fungsional. Para ahli teknis ini memerlukan pengetahuan yang komprehensif dan pengalaman khusus yang cukup luas.

  • Possesses and applies comprehensive knowledge in a specialized area to oversee significant assignments or provides technical expertise for significant assignments.
  • Supervisory positions know and apply fundamental concepts, practices and procedures of supervision and leadership.
  • Considerable impact on the final results and completion of projects.
  • May use strong technical skills to direct and assist staff.
  • Provides technical expertise to other staff.
  • May measure employees’ results and initiate personnel actions.
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Mengenal Technology Specialist

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